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"Bridie's work demonstrates a subtle and effective combination of skills in composition, in sound engineering and, most importantly, in listening. She creates welcoming, thoughtful, care-filled spaces in which interviewees can share their experiences. The music creates a frame for the stories, Bridie's skills as an editor and sound engineer create clarity, but her ability to open and hold space for people to tell their stories, is at the heart of what makes these docu-songs so deeply moving and enduringly engaging" - Lady Kitt, Visual Artist and Collaborator on ‘This Our Hive of Voices’

Bridie is currently developing a new type of work that she informally refers to as ‘Docusongs’. In this format, she collects interviews from communities and a range of voices on a shared topic then writes original music inspired by the themes that are unearthed through this process, to create an audio platform for interesting, surprising and perhaps unheard stories.

Project Showcase
Original music written,  performed and recorded by Bridie Jackson

Bees, Bees, Hark to your Bees
A soundscape made for
 visual artist Bethan Maddock’s exhibition series, "A Northumberland Menagerie", commissioned by Museums Northumberland in 2022. The piece explores ideas of collective working, community & environment and the traditional custom of 'Telling The Bees', in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper's lives, such as births, marriages, or departures and returns in the household.

This, Our Hive of Voices

Composed in 2022 to highlight a digital artwork celebrating LGBTQIA+ history and contemporary lives in Warwickshire, created by artist Lady Kitt in collaboration with Proud Youth, a group for LGBTQ+ young people based in Leamington, supported by Warwickshire Pride.

Walls within Walls

Commissioned in 2021 by Green Croft Arts for inclusion in the project Collision & Conflict, a geolocated sound walk through the Northumberland landscape. The piece is in 3 movements, each featuring short snippets lovingly edited from over ten hours of fascinating and insightful recorded conversations with local residents conducted during lockdown over Zoom by Bridie Jackson and local writer, Jude Irwin. The listener is invited to consider the complex daily reality of life on the wall and the challenges this presents, including climate change, the impact of both farming and tourism on the environment and ownership of the landscape. 

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