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Nice things people have said

“Bridie, you are an absolute joy as a choir leader. I always leave your sessions totally uplifted, even if I was low when I went. You are an inspiration to me. Your cheerfulness, friendliness and professionalism shine through in every song you teach. I feel lucky to be in such an amazing choir with an outstanding teacher. I truly believe you can teach me to sing with confidence”   

Choir Member

"Working with Bridie was brilliant - from the very start she asked generous, pertinent questions, trying to really understand what I wanted from the soundscape she was creating and really taking the time to unpack the artwork that I was creating. Throughout the collaboration we communicated really easily, joyfully sharing ideas and developing the work together. I couldn't be happier with the outcome - it's a beautiful, moving piece of work, and a real testament to Bridie's talent, compassion and creativity to make work that celebrates community, people, stories and multiple voices“

Bethan Maddocks, Visual Artist. Collaborator on “Bees, Bees, Hark to your Bees”

Bridie is our little pocket "Tigger", our inspiration. Bridie never falters, always bringing her sunny persona to the session, cheering up a weary and sometimes sad choir. Not forgetting her professionalism, knowledge, patience, energy and enthusiasm. She makes learning fun, never tedious; enlightenment to the finish”
- Choir Member

“Bridie is innovative and makes music even more fun - she is patient and funny and has a wonderful ear for keeping our choir harmony on track - of course we also just love to hear her beautiful voice singing her own emotive and spellbinding songs with heartfelt lyrics that capture real stories and emotion in her own unique way" 

- Choir Member

“Bridie is joyful, thorough, and compassionate, and is committed to delivering her practice at the highest quality. She is an excellent facilitator, creating a safe and well held space in which the participants felt comfortable to share often deep and introspective material and support each other"

- Jack Burton, Creative Director at Jack Drum Arts, social enterprise providing cultural opportunities for communities in County Durham

"Bridie's work is full of power and feeling with carefully crafted lyrics which align perfectly with the captured dialogue melding together in a wonderful mix. It is clear that these words are thoughtful and chosen with great care towards the people featured in the work, but also written in a way which feels, as a listener, really cathartic and like I am being pulled into the broader meaning of the piece. The gorgeous harmonies and music created by Bridie really brings out the musicality of conversation and of speaking tones which I found interesting and a particularly moving quality about Bridie's work. Allowing the musicality of people's voices to come through and responding to that as a musician is a generous and playful way of working with other people and I look forward to hearing her future work"

- Sarah Li, Creative Producer and Collaborator on ‘This Our Hive of Voices’

“Bridie Jackson is a gifted and talented musician in her own right possessing an infectious enthusiasm that inspires others to excel.  She is also a superb musical director and it is a pleasure to deal with her both artistically and in an administrative capacity as she is both organised and efficient”

Peter Worrall, Founding Treasurer Darlington Sing Comminity Choir

“Bridie is an extraordinary leader.  Her talent is unquestionable, both in terms of her musical ability and her teaching skills.  Her keen ear ensures that each section learns their part effectively. She is persistent without being patronising or creating any feelings of inadequacy. She has such a kind, bright, quirky, funny and intelligent personality that I look forward to every meeting with eager anticipation. She is sensitive and patient with us all, and we are very lucky indeed to have such amazing musical director and leader, and I am so grateful to have joined this wonderful group"

Choir Member

“As a newcomer to public singing I have found Bridie, and her choir to be joyous, inspiring and very welcoming. The choir reflects her personality in all the nicest of ways. I enjoy the Wednesday evening sessions which are always varied and well paced. I am learning a lot”
- Choir member

"Bridie has been Musical Director of Darlington SING Community Choir for almost 10 years now. She epitomises our maxim "Sing, Inspire, Nurture, Grow" and we have indeed done so under her uplifting guidance. She brings a special joy to our singing together, for many who have never experienced being part of a choir before. Sharing a wide range of musical genre in 4 part acapella has been a truly magical experience and a truly community spiritual uplift"Malcolm Cundick, Chair of Darlington Sing Community Choir

“Bridie’s contribution has elevated every commission she has worked on with CaroleW Productions whether a digital or live performance.  Her sensitivity, attention to detail and understanding of what her compositions bring to the whole narrative is valued and appreciated” - Carole Wears, CaroleW Productions, Theatre and Production Company

“Bridie Jackson is one of the nicest, calmest, most upbeat, inclusive and encouraging choir leaders you could ever have the pleasure of working with. She has such a sunny personality that shines out in her whole manner of teaching, she never loses patience even when the piece must be so obviously easy to her, she encourages and instructs so that learning becomes fun. With her care and encouragement, I have seen myself volunteer to sing solo parts at "live" events, and even had a go at writing songs to share with others too. She is a singing "life-enhancer", a total pleasure to know and somebody I am proud to call a friend“
- Choir member

"Bridie's work demonstrates a subtle and effective combination of skills in composition, in sound engineering and, most importantly, in listening. She creates welcoming, thoughtful, care-filled spaces in which interviewees can share their experiences. The music creates a frame for the stories, Bridie's skills as an editor and sound engineer create clarity, but her ability to open and hold space for people to tell their stories, is at the heart of what makes these docu-songs so deeply moving and enduringly engaging"

 - Lady Kitt, Visual Artist and Collaborator on ‘This Our Hive of Voices’

“I sing when I’m happy and I’m happy when I sing, especially together with others at Darlington SING Community Choir. Thank you for your willingness to accept people like me, who have no musical experience, skill or background, but just like singing, and for your skill, patience and determination to enable us to make a lovely sound together (eventually!)”

Choir Member

“Aukestra have had the pleasure of working with Bridie on several collaborations. The Song Together Apart, was the result of this collaboration and it’s a massive trust thing for somebody to give you one of the songs they’ve written from the heart and then let us take it on a completely new journey. We look forward to many more opportunities to make music together in the future"

- Jak Dixon, Aukestra Music Collective

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